What makes for good stakeholder engagement? It’s a combination of involving the right stakeholders at the right time via the right process, and – when done well – can mean the difference between a project that gets stuck in the mud, and one that gets pulled off on time, on budget and with minimal backlash.

Good stakeholder management can also have the added bonus of strengthening your business relationships and reputation, and providing you with opportunities to work towards shared values, and to benefit from positive collaboration and your stakeholders’ collective knowledge.

How can we help?

Pulling off effective stakeholder management can be tricky – especially when those stakeholders are numerous and involved to many varying degrees. We are here to help. Our success with stakeholder engagement only improves with each project or program we are involved in. Our track record in this area with a varied range of clients means we are well placed to provide advice and facilitate positive engagement. Don’t leave your stakeholder management strategy to chance.

To develop an effective engagement strategy, Morphum Environmental starts with a rigorous assessment of business or project objectives, and the identification of key stakeholders. We use these results to design and execute a comprehensive engagement process from internal company preparation to engagement facilitation and follow up.

Our services include:

  • Project consultation and stakeholder collaboration activities.
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis.
  • Stakeholder engagement in business strategy and material issues identification.
  • Workshop facilitation.

Case Studies