Effective measurement and analysis of your impacts on the environment and community is vital to their management.

Worried about the cost? If you are the owner of a relatively small business, it wouldn’t be unusual for you to believe that sustainability is something only big businesses can afford. This assumption is false. At Morphum Environmental, we are focused on making sustainability reporting an accessible and beneficial process for any Australian organisation, and we are prepared to start as small as you like.

How can we help?

Our sustainability reporting consultants are focussed on making sustainability reporting affordable for small and medium sized Australian businesses.

Morphum Environmental is Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) certified, and can assist you in all aspects of your sustainability reporting needs. This includes any or all of the constituent parts of this process through to the output of a complete, publishable sustainability report. We can also provide assurance on your report to help demonstrate the credibility of your commitment to sustainability, and set you apart from the competition.

Our services include:

  • Greenhouse gas management and accounting (GHG Protocol and ISO 14064).
  • Sustainability reporting (GRI).
  • Sustainability assurance (AA1000).
  • Business process development and software solutions for sustainability information.
  • Sustainability target and KPI development based on metrics (to inform strategy).
  • Environmental monitoring and data management.

Case Studies