Providing quality sustainability advice to Australian farmers is complex, and requires an in-depth awareness of the multitudes of difficulties that are present in the Australian agriculture sector, including poor soil quality, weather extremes, fragile surrounding ecosystems and limitations on water supply.

There is huge pressure on the agriculture sector to take responsibility for future food security and the maintenance of healthy landscapes and ecosystems. In addition, the unique population distribution in Australia is such that supply of goods to market can be challenging, which can make economic sustainability a paramount issue for farmers.

How can we help?

Morphum Environmental can assist you in ensuring your farm can survive into the future, and thrive in a complex, challenging industry. We understand that successful sustainable farm planning and management needs to be integrated with financial planning to demonstrate bottom-line advantages to the farmer.

Our services include:

  • Consenting and compliance.
  • Farm management plans.
  • Nutrient management.
  • Water management.
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem management.
  • Soil management.
  • Land management.
  • Effluent management.

Case Studies