Cardinia Shire Council UPSS Removal

Client: Cardinia Shire Council

UPSS removal for Cardinia Shire Council

UPSS removal for Cardinia Shire Council

Morphum Environmental was engaged by Cardinia Shire Council to develop a method for the removal of an Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS) within a council site in Packenham. An initial site investigation was conducted to determine the size and number of tanks stored at the site. From the initial site investigation Morphum Environmental created key specifications that provided guidelines and site procedures to ensure the safe removal of the UPSS while managing potential impacts on human health and the environment:

  • Preparing the site and ensuring the tanks are safe for removal and transport

  • Undertaking earthworks in areas containing the UPSS and potentially contaminated soils

  • Protecting workers and the public from hazards and contaminant discharges during the works

  • Preventing discharges of contaminants from the site during the works

  • Monitoring the works to verify the condition of soils remaining onsite within the tank pit following the excavations, and ensuring disposal of any contaminated materials and soils to appropriate disposal locations

All procedures followed Australian Standard AS4976-2008 for the removal and disposal of underground petroleum storage tanks.

Cardinia Shire Council were extremely impressed with Morphum Environmental’s clear communication, expertise in setting up the brief for the contract and the site visit undertaken by Morphum Environmental staff.