Asset management that helps the cities of tomorrow flourish.

The organisation of key asset information is both a basic and a vital component of any asset management system, but actioning improvements to asset management systems or databases is often put in the too hard or too expensive basket. If this information is strewn across various departments in the form of spreadsheets, GIS files and hand sketches on the back of service request forms. If not carried out smartly or in a strategic way, asset management can become a costly and time consuming process.

Data collection and the development of asset registers does not have to be overwhelming. It just needs to be broken down into small, manageable tasks. Quick, easy and cost effective wins are often vital in converting your asset management processes from a series of sporadic spreadsheets to an asset management system with a core or advanced NAMAF rating.

The key is knowing where your critical assets are, and then prioritising them.

How can we help?

Morphum Environmental offers a variety of practical services, with an emphasis on developing clear, useful mapping and database outputs that are readily integrated into our clients’ asset management systems.

We can help with:

  • Asset data collection.

  • GIS analysis.

  • Overland flow path assessments.

  • Operation and maintenance strategy development.

  • Outfall, safety grille and pipeline condition assessments.

  • Erosion monitoring.

  • Stormwater pond sediment surveys.

  • Vegetation and weed mapping.

  • Asset life cycle management.


Our Work