Low impact solutions that solve the problems of today.

Our multi-disciplinary engineering team undertake the lifecycle management of infrastructure, including environmental engineering design, integrated water management and environmentally sustainable design.

Morphum Environmental also has a team of ecologists and environmental scientists assisting our engineers in ensuring the prioritisation and assessment of infrastructure in terms of sustainability, resilience, risk and economic value.

How can we help?

We apply innovative tools and methods to our projects to deliver smart, efficient design. We employ low impact solutions which reduce lifecycle costs and resource requirements, resulting in good urban, commercial and ecological outcomes.

We can help with:

  • Stormwater design for subdivision.

  • Stormwater treatment for urban and industrial areas.

  • Water sensitive urban design (WSUD).

  • Ponds and wetlands for treatment, water supply or habitat.

  • Access roads, boardwalks and footpaths.

  • Feasibility studies, multi-criteria analysis and lifecycle costs.

  • Wastewater and water supply network design.


Our Work