Morphum Environmental is an environmental engineering and consulting company committed to sustainable practices in all aspects of its activities.


Morphum Environmental’s vision is to provide innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to our clients for better communities. Morphum Environmental is committed to continual improvement and prevention of pollution by exceeding all relevant environmental legislation and other requirements, and is committed to educating and training all employees and contractors in environmental issues and the effect that their activities have. In order to achieve its commitments and vision, Morphum Environmental intends to:

  • Identify and implement best practice technologies and strategies for sustainable outcomes.
  • Engage with its clients to apply sustainability strategies.
  • Encourage collaboration, and communicate openly.
  • Advocate and promote sustainability through involvement in networks, industry groups and community.
  • Reduce the production of waste and raw material use, and improve energy efficiency through adoption of the waste hierarchy and sustainable procurement.
  • Raise awareness, enhance mauri and facilitate a company culture within Morphum Environmental to support environmentalism.
  • Support suppliers and contractors to achieve similar high environmental standards.
The EMS will be reviewed annually to modify and improve on our environmental management commitments and guiding principles, and maintain accordance with current work practices. This policy has been mandated by management; communicated to employees, contractors and clients and is freely available to the public.