Grahams Reserve Wetland and Boardwalk

Client: Wyndham City Council

Concept artwork for the boardwalk design.

Concept artwork for the boardwalk design.

Morphum Environmental was engaged to design a water treatment system and boardwalk at Grahams Reserve in Werribee South, Melbourne.

The water treatment system design involves diverting existing drainage channels back into the naturally formed wetlands to increase treatment of nutrient rich runoffs from neighbouring farms, and improve the quality of water being discharged into the Werribee River.

Key deliverables:

  • Design that adheres to a low impact approach, utilising existing features of the reserve.
  • Design of boardwalk through the site, using environmentally sensitive materials and construction methods.
  • Due care for culturally sensitive areas.
  • Strong consultation with key stakeholders.
  • Creation of a key link in the Wyndham City Council Bay Trail.

Jennifer Howe

Digital Content Manager