Environmental Management Plan Bonnie Brook

Client: Coeve Design

Environmental Management Plan for Coeve Design

Environmental Management Plan for Coeve Design

Morphum Environmental was engaged by Coeve Design to undertake an Environmental Management Plan for a proposed resort in Bonnie Brook, a suburb in the outer west of Melbourne, within the jurisdiction of Melton City Council.

The Environmental Management Plan was prepared based on Victorian EPA guidelines and in consultation with Melton City Council, to ensure compliance was achieved.

The plan has a strong GIS focus to assist in effectively communicating the types and locations of environmental protection measures that will be implemented on site during the development works. It has the added benefit of allowing changes to the approach to be made quickly and cost effectively, throughout the project.

Stage 1 of the project was completed in April 2018, with the following key deliverables:

  • Reporting on environmental characteristics of the site including environmental constraints and impacts of any new development.

  • Monitoring and control of any off-site impacts on surrounding land uses.

  • Drainage and Stormwater considerations.

  • GIS maps.