Councils across Victoria require new property developments and subdivisions to provide water quality treatment for the stormwater within their site. Typically this is achieved through water sensitive urban design (WSUD) solutions.

Two assessment tools, STORM and MUSIC, have been developed to assess the suitability of the WSUD solutions for a property development.

STORM tool for small property developments

The STORM tool is suitable for assessing small residential and industrial property developments. A minimum score of 100% is required to meet best practice requirements.

From small two lot subdivisions through to 10 lot property developments, Morphum Environmental provide expert advice on how to integrate small scale WSUD into your development. Outputs can range from WSUD scoping right through to detailed design and the preparation of design drawings.

MUSIC modelling for large property developments

For larger property developments, MUSIC modelling may be more appropriate to assess the suitability of the proposed WSUD solutions. MUSIC predicts the water quality treatment performance of WSUD solutions based on site conditions. These details can then be used to check whether the proposed solutions comply with council requirements.

Morphum Environmental provides MUSIC modelling for medium to large developments, as well as designing integrated WSUD solutions that provide amenity and value.


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